This page has my test results for the GRE, GMAT, Praxis II, and Mensa Admission Test. If you're looking for my students' results, please see the Teaching page.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Math: 170/170 - 97th percentile │ Reading: 162/170 - 90th percentile │ Writing: 4.5/6.0 - 82nd percentile


750 - 98th percentile

Praxis II

Mathematics 029 (7th -12th grade): 185/200 (160 required to teach in CT)

Aptitude Tests

Mensa Admissions test: 105 (94 required for top 2%)

(all tests above were taken exactly once)

Language Competencies and Skills

English: Native fluency

Spanish: Reading, writing, and speaking fluency

Portuguese: Reading and writing fluency. Intermediate speaking

Polish: Conversational

Relevant Coursework


  • Real Analysis

  • Dynamical Modeling

  • Mathematical Modeling

  • App Stat II: Reg. Analysis

  • Applied Statistics

  • Applied Linear Algebra

  • Cryptology

  • Math Proof/Problem Solving

  • Discrete Mathematics

  • Abstract Algebra

  • Formal Logic

Information Technology

  • Database Design and Management

  • Technical Writing

  • Object Oriented Analysis/Design

  • Foundation of Data Analytics

  • Business Systems Analysis/Design

  • Spreadsheet Applications

  • Computer Platform Technologies

  • Programming Logic

  • Intro to Software Development