Short biography

While I was in high school, I learned how to work on cars. After I graduated high school, I learned how to landscape. During and after my undergrad, I learned how to be a banker, a programmer, and an educator. I learned how to teach math and science, but also magic. I've dabbled in plumbing, scuba diving, photography, carpentry, and parkour. I've acted in college productions. I qualified and competed in World's Toughest Mudder twice. Now I'm researching the math of origami and stream video games on Twitch. My streamer tag is MathUniversity, but you can call me MathU ;).

I believe being called a "nerd" is a compliment. I love brainteasers and riddles. I host regular board game nights. I frequent the Renaissance Faire. I have a math/science t-shirt for every day of the month. I coordinate these shirts with the subjects I teach to maximize learning and retention.... but also to maximize fun.