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Since 2012. Abundant Experience Tutoring:


    • AP Calculus AB/BC

    • AP Statistics

    • Precalculus/Analysis

    • Trigonometry/Analysis

    • Algebra II

    • Geometry

    • Algebra I


    • AP Chemistry

    • AP Physics

Standardized Tests

    • SAT

    • ACT

    • SSAT, ISEE HSPT, SHSAT, and other high school admissions tests

    • GRE

    • GMAT


185 pt average student improvement.


7.1 pt average student improvement

I feel that I have cracked the SAT and ACT in a way that no one else has.

“While they do happen, improvements of more than 7 points on the ACT or 200 points on the SAT are relatively rare… account[ing] for only about 5% of cases.

Sexton Test Prep.

Graphs included because students with lower starting scores have had improvements (9 for ACT, 250 for SAT) that are impossible to achieve for students with higher starting scores (e.g. 29 for ACT, 1400 for SAT), due to the maximum possible score.

Courses Developed

(Spreadsheet created by a student in "Spreadsheets are Cool" - conditional formatting changes the amogus color based on the number in cell A1)

"The Heart of Algebra"

An adaptive course that teaches all core algebra concepts that are seen throughout high school/college, covering a wide range of difficulties. Designed to help any student grades 7-12: can be enrichment for pre-algebra students or foundation strengthening for students beyond Algebra I. As a bonus, tricks students into mastering difficult SAT/ACT math concepts and questions.

Currently working to publish a book based on this curriculum. Expected Publication date: Summer 2023

"Introduction to Cryptology"

A brief introduction to the study of codes, and the art of writing and solving them. Moves chronologically through the history of cryptology, starting at its inception around 500 BCE with the simple Atbash cipher and other monoalphabetic substitution, touching on the beginnings of steganography, working our way through the Renaissance and the Vigenère Cipher, and ending with 20th century ciphers as used in war time (ADFGVX and, if time permits, Enigma).

"Cryptology II"

Focuses on interesting ciphers throughout history, from famous uncracked ciphers (Beale cipher, Kryptos, etc.) to unique ciphers that are particularly fun or famous, such as the Masonic cipher and Playfair cipher and wartime ciphers such as ADFGVX and Enigma. The focus will be on learning the functionality, strengths, weaknesses, and historical significance of each cipher.

"Cryptology III (Aka Mathematical Cryptology)"

Explores the mathematical aspect of cryptography. Covers the relationship between Affine and the extended Euclidean algorithm, then explores the influences of DES before delving into Public Key Cryptography such as RSA, our current standard of encryption which some claim to be uncrackable. Ends with a discussion of the future of cryptography and the part modern computing plays in cryptography in the 21st century.

"Chemistry in Society"

"Paradoxes and Infinities"

"Why Things Freeze/Boil (Spoiler: gravity, mostly)"

Why does ice boil at 0° C on Mars? Covers how you can get liquid water on your stove above its 'boiling point,' why it's easier to boil water on Mt. Everest than in Boston (as of this writing), and how I can get a glass of water to boil, freeze, and melt, all at the same time! Explanations of molecular chemistry concepts through the AP Chemistry Level.

"Spreadsheets are Cool"

Teaches spreadsheet literacy, including cell references, formulas, and conditional formatting. Using these skills, I have predicted the results of elections before news organizations could. Students have used these skills to calculate their overall grade will be based on how they do on the remaining assignments for the year.

"How to Adult: Career Edition"

As someone who used to be a teenager [citation needed], I understand that becoming an Adult™ with a “real” job can seem scary and confusing. This course will equip you with skills that will help you beyond the classroom, including how to transition from being a high schooler/college student to an Adult™; how to find and apply to jobs; how to write (and build) a killer resume and cover letter; and how to prepare for an interview.

"How to Adult: Finances Edition"

Covers bank accounts, credit scores, building credit, applying for credit cards, and filing taxes. Taught to underserved students, based on my experiences working in a bank and being an Adult™.

Bridgewater Prep

Senior Instructor

(2017 - June 2021)

Math and Science

    • College Calculus I

    • College Calculus II

    • College Chemistry

    • AP calculus AB/BC

    • AP chemistry

    • AP physics

    • Precalculus

    • Algebra II

    • Geometry

    • Algebra I

Standardized Tests

    • GRE

    • GMAT

    • ACT

    • SAT

    • SSAT

    • HSPT

    • ISEE

Select Testimonials:

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  • You guys have been fantastic. Matt developed a truly lovely rapport with [my daughter] over the past few years, and created a "safe space" for her to ask questions and learn. Please give him our super extra thanks for everything he has done to support [my daughter].

  • My daughter is truly enjoying your current ACT class. The instructor, Matt, really keeps their attention and makes what could be very dry actually fun! That is not an easy feat! :)

  • Matt did a great job with tutoring [my daughter]. She was very pleased with his guidance and all the help that he gave her. We are thrilled with her scores.

  • Thank you! Matt really helped [my son] improve. When he went to the teacher for extra help his grades suffered. He said Matt does a great job of explaining everything.

  • I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom, compassion and caring touch with [my daughter].

  • Matt has made an amazing difference for [my son], who is now getting great grades in the class. Thank you!!

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Administrative Roles

Cascade 2021 Program Director

Summer HSSP 2020 (MIT ESP's first virtual program) Program Director

Data Director 2020-2021

Cryptology Instructor

Six-Week Classes

Spring HSSP 2020* and Cascade 2019

One Day Classes

Spark 2018, 2019, 2020* (for middle school students)

Splash 2017, 2018, 2019 (for high school students)

* Curriculum and materials created; class not finished due to COVID-19

Math Academic Support Center Teacher


  • Fill in fundamental gaps for middle school math students

  • Act as mentor and support for struggling students

  • Reteach concepts that were not taught/learned properly

Mathnasium of Avon

Lead Instructor