Math & Origami

Since December 2018, I have worked with the origami artist Ben Parker on research related to pleat intersections. In that time, we have made great strides toward a deeper understanding of important properties of folded paper. After thorough consideration, we created a notation system to describe the approach of pleats toward a center molecule. This is meant to augment existent crease patterns, and has the added benefit of binary and unary operations on the elements of a set of pleats.

The findings can be found in Six Simple Twists, 2nd Edition, Published September 2020 by CRC Press

Conferences and Talks

MOVES Conference, Museum of Math, New York, NY (Aug, 2019)

"The Multiaxial Coordinate System for Pleat Intersection Notation"

presented by

Matthew J. Benet, Andrew Fisher, and Ben Parker

Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT (Feb, 2019)

"Pleat Intersection Notation and Potential Applications"

presented by

Matthew J. Benet, Andrew Fisher, and Ben Parker

Future Publications

Generative Origami

Origami artist Ben Parker and I are writing a book that analyzes origami corrugations mathematically, an as of yet under-explored field that holds promise for fascinating discoveries.

Expected Publication Date: Summer 2023

The Heart of Algebra

Over years of teaching, I've found an efficient way to cover all core algebra concepts that are seen throughout high school/college. Designed to help any student grades 7-12: enrichment for pre-algebra students or foundation strengthening for students beyond Algebra I.

Bonus: tricks students into mastering difficult SAT/ACT math questions and concepts.

Expected Publication date: Summer 2023