I did not ask or suggest that anyone write a testimonial for me.

Every "testimonial" you see was either volunteered, or taken from an unprompted email or text sent by parents and students. Any edits I make are minor and are only to increase readability (e.g. punctuation or grammar fixes).

ACT, Chemistry, and Physics Student (2018-2020)

(this one made me cry)

"Matt is the human embodiment of the true teacher. Not only does he take joy in the process of deriving and discovering mathematical concepts and learning incredibly complex subject matters on the fly, but he has a certain gift of how to explain these concepts to students. He has an understanding of how each person is unique, and therefore has a unique learning style, and uses this to his advantage. He not only connects with his students on an intellectual level, but also on an emotional level. By getting to know his students and working with them, he has an uncanny ability to see exactly how information needs to be conveyed in order for it to just click for the student in a way that’s often challenging to experience in the typical classroom setting in public schools. He is able to craft a personalized learning plan with achievable goals and a rock-solid and sturdy sense of unconditional support and understanding. Never once in my years of working with Matt did I ever question that he believed in me and my ability to grasp concepts that I had been struggling with since early elementary school. Because he took the time to get to know me on a personal level, he understood where to draw the line when pushing me to my limits, and he knew exactly how to inspire me to keep learning and studying, whether that be through engaging with my competitive side, bribing me with the perfect snack, or utilizing the rush of joy that comes from that lightbulb moment of understanding. In some of the most challenging moments of my public education when I had no hope of ever getting physics, or being able to finish a single page of basic arithmetic problems without making a mistake like 5*4=9, or even getting into my dream school, Matt was there to guide me through those tough moments, showing me that I was capable of understanding and persevering. It is so obvious to anyone who’s ever been in the same room as him that he truly loves learning and teaching, that it’s who he is to his very core. He dedicates himself to his students, he invests his time and his energy into us and believes in us. It takes a good tutor to help a student through the academic hurdles of the issues they’re having, but it takes Matt to help a student through the academic challenges and support them through the emotional journey that is learning. Every teacher should learn from him."


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Private Students

  • Matthew has been an amazing tutor and mentor to my son over the years. His enthusiasm for teaching has fueled my son's desire to learn!

  • [My daughter] loves learning Cryptography from Matt!

Johns Hopkin's Center for Talented Youth: Cryptology TA (Summer 2017)

  • Mr. Matt is the best in everything that is connected with education

  • Knew the subject and was very good

  • Mr. Matt was great at answering questions we had if we were having trouble

  • Knowledge of subject is great and understanding of teaching is great

  • Mr. Matt is a great TA!

  • Mr. Matt was very helpful. When I was confused mid-lesson, he would be available to help my understanding of a concept. No improvement needed

  • He was creative with new and interesting waves of teaching and made the course fun with puzzles and games

Johns Hopkin's Center for Talented Youth: Mathematical Logic TA (Summer 2017)

  • Very familiar with the topics we learned and provided useful help and feedback. He helped keep us in line while still being friendly to us

  • Good at explaining concepts that take longer for me to understand

  • Close to us and answers questions patiently

  • Very good knowledge of the subject - able to explain tough questions

  • Explains everything fully, works well teaching individuals, tries to see the best way to teach and what to teach

  • Good at helping people with problems and encouraging them, and at not using a calculator

As Tutor for Bridgewater Prep (2017-2021)

  • You guys have been fantastic. Matt developed a truly lovely rapport with [my daughter] over the past few years, and created a "safe space" for her to ask questions and learn. Please give him our super extra thanks for everything he has done to support [my daughter].

  • [My daughter] speaks so highly of that Matthew Benet! Thank you for the opportunity of the [SAT] class, while hiring talented, bright, educated teachers! She is really enjoying it. Kudos to you and Matthew!

  • My daughter is truly enjoying your current ACT class. The instructor, Matt, really keeps their attention and makes what could be very dry actually fun! That is not an easy feat! :)

  • Matt did a great job with tutoring [my daughter]. She was very pleased with his guidance and all the help that he gave her. We are thrilled with her scores.

  • [My son] has been enjoying his sessions with Matt and they've been a great help. One indication? His GPA last year was 2.83, and his first quarter GPA this year was 3.16 with nothing lower than a B-.

  • I got my results back for the ACT and I got a 33!!! I wanted to thank you again for everything and for helping me get even higher than my goal!

  • I got a 1500 - 770 math 730 English. Thank you so much Matthew for helping me get here.

  • [My son] took a lot from the session and would love to schedule more going forward.

  • I got a 1470 on the SAT (770 on English and reading/700 on math) which I am VERY surprised and VERY happy about. Thank you so much for your tutelage throughout this whole process. I can say with certainty that I am done with standardized tests!

  • [My daughter] thought Matt was very helpful on Monday, so we plan to continue the sessions with him. The approach he used was an effective way for her to learn.

  • Thank you Matt for getting her ready for her math midterm. She did VERY well!

  • [My son] really likes working with Matt.

  • My son just got his SAT scores-1430. We’re very happy with the progress he made. Thank you to you and Matt for all the support you have provided him.

  • My daughter's sessions seem to be going well and she enjoys working with Matt.

  • We just got [my daughter's] test scores back today. She did very well on her exam and even qualified for $6,000 worth of scholarship money. I think this brings her one step closer to getting in. She is beyond excited. She said she could not have done it without Matt‘s help. He was so great and really prepared her for that entrance exam. UPDATE: [My daughter] got into [reach private high school]! She is so happy. She did very well on the seventh grade version of the entrance exam. She is allowed to take the eighth grade version and if she scores even higher, they will increase the amount of scholarship money they have offered her.

  • Thank you! Matt really helped [my son] improve. When he went to the teacher for extra help his grades suffered. He said Matt does a great job of explaining everything.

  • I wanted to say a HUGE, ENORMOUS THANK YOU for making time for [my daughter] this year and always helping! Honestly, you are great!

  • I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom, compassion and caring touch with [my daughter].

  • I just wanted to say thanks to Matt for helping [my son] prep for his most recent ACT. Please let Matt know that he raised the English from a 26 to a 30! Now his super score is up to 31! He has nothing but great things to say about Matt & enjoyed working with him. I think [my son] has seen the light and is already looking to try & raise his score on one more try at the next ACT!!

  • [My son] loved his tutoring session with Matt. Evidently, they share the same taste in music.

  • [My daughter's] ACT score came in at a 33. She is very happy and asked if you would share the news with Matt and tell him thanks.

  • [My son] really enjoyed working with Matt today! He said he was great and explained everything really well!

  • Thanks for a great year. [My son] has really enjoyed working with Matt. His GPA jumped from a 2.86 as a freshman to a 3.1 as a sophomore. And rising...Could you please tell Matt that he got a 94 on his Geometry final! We’ll be in touch about some Algebra II prep later in the summer.

  • Matt has made an amazing difference for [my son], who is now getting great grades in the class. Thank you!!