Matthew Benet

Gifted & Talented Educator

I live my life by three axioms:

1) Do good

2) Be Truthful

3) Be Fair

That's what led me to education.

Whether you're gifted or not, sign up for the best tutoring you will ever receive.

I have abundant experience teaching the topics below, but I have taught many more topics and will help you understand any math or science material through second year college level. Sign up for a session and you'll see what I mean.

  • SAT/ACT (185 / 7.1 pt average student improvement)

  • AP Calculus AB or BC

  • AP Statistics

  • AP Physics

  • AP Chemistry

  • Competitive Math

  • Cryptology

  • Mathematical Logic

  • Principles of Engineering Design

  • Precalculus/Analysis

  • Algebra II

  • Geometry

  • Algebra I

See my teaching and curricula designing experience here.

About Me

I am passionate about education. For years I have constantly striven to be the best tutor a student can have. I'm proud of how close I've come.

There is no upper bound on conveying new ideas to students; there is always room to understand a student's thought process deeper, to convey ideas more clearly, and to personalize the lesson to their learning style more completely.

I will continue to improve my teaching ability for as long as I teach.

  • Teacher/Mentor of Gifted & Talented Students

  • Creator of MIT ESP's First Virtual Program (Summer HSSP 2020)

  • Sarah Barder Fellow

  • Curriculum Designer

  • Author (releases in 2023)

  • Lecturer

  • Mathematician

  • Polymath

  • Autodidact

  • Cryptographer

  • Mensa Member

  • Programmer

  • Web Designer

  • Mechanic

  • Handyman

  • Arborist

  • Streamer (MathUniversity)

  • Polyglot (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

  • Great Guy

  • Hombre Guapo

  • Menino Inteligente

  • Maker of a long list describing a brilliant man and phenomenal educator